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Thailand's Islands + Chiang Mai

I'd heard many great things about Thailand's islands and was eager to see a few of them myself. I scheduled a tour that included e...

Robert Allen

Thailand + Layover in Qatar

After my trip to Pompeii, I took a train to Rome to catch my flight. Unfortunately, there would be no time to explore the city thi...

Robert Allen

Florence, Naples, and Pompeii

After my fantastic stay in Venice, I was off to Florence. After asking my hostel mates, I learned the main things to do in Florenc...

Robert Allen


After Cinque Terre, I was off to Venice. I stayed at a hostel on the mainland outside Venice, only a 10-minute train ride to Venic...

Robert Allen

Hello Italy

After nearly 30 days in the Netherlands, it was time to move on. Amsterdam was an excellent place to start my journey. Friendly pe...

Robert Allen

The Hague

After staying in Amsterdam, I wanted to mix things up by visiting somewhere else in the Netherlands. I settled upon The Hague due ...

Robert Allen

Flying Pigs -- Amsterdam

I'm staying in Amsterdam for a whole month. As part of that, I decided to jump from hostel to hostel to see more of the city. This...

Robert Allen

St. Christophers at the Winston -- Amsterdam

St. Christophers at the Winston was the name of the new hostel I stayed at after my stay in my private room. Immediately upon goin...

Robert Allen

Arriving In Amsterdam

The first day of my travels. Bags have been packed, cats are with a friend, said my goodbyes -- I'm all set. A 7-hour redeye fligh...

Robert Allen